FTUC National Council

The National Council shall consist of the Office Bearers of the FTUC and two members nominated in writing by each affiliate provided that an affiliate whose membership exceeds 2000 shall be entitled one additional member and two Women and two Youth representatives as provided by Clauses 14.5 and 15.4.

The National Council shall meet when necessary but at least once every six months. The meetings shall be convened by the National Secretary or upon request of 50 per cent or more of the financial affiliates of the National Council. National Council Members
1 Association of University of the South Pacific Staff (AUSPS) President:Robin Havea
General Secretary:Krishna Raghuwaiya
2 BP & WR Carpenter Group Staff Association (BP & WRCGSA) President: Samuela
General Secretary: Vigyan Sharma
3 Colonial Insurance Agents Association (CIAA) President: Paras R Sukul
General Secretary: Peter P Sharma
4 Communications, Mining, General Workers Union (CMGWU) President: Uday Raju
General Secretary: Avinesh Lal
5 Contruction Energy & Timber Workers Union of Fiji (CETWUF) President: Leone Saketa
General Secretary: John Paul
6 Fiji Electricity Workers Association (FEWA) President: Inoke Ravouvou
General Secretary: Hira Shandil
7 Fiji Flight Attendants Trade Union (FFATU) President: Josaia Mcgowan
General Secretary: Kelera Radinikadavu
8 Fiji Hotels and Allied Industries Employees Union (FHAIEU) President: Peli Kete
General Secretary: Peni Sauvaka Bulusui
9 Fiji Local Government Officers Association (FLGOA) President: Rouhit Singh
General Secretary: Daniel Arish Chand
10 Fiji Longshoreman and Staff Association (FLSSA) President: Manoa Seru
General Secretary: Attar Singh
11 Fiji Maritime Workers Association (FMWA) President: General Secretary: Administrator: Luse Madigibuli
12 Fiji Mine Workers and Staff Union (FMSU) President: Alivereti Caucau
General Secretary: Attar Singh
13 Fiji National University Workers Association (FNUWA) President: Kamual Dayal
General Secretary: Jonas Bradburgh
14 Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA) President: Judith Kotobalavu
General Secretary: Rajeshwar Singh
15 Fiji Sugar Clerks & Supervisors Association (FSC & SA) President: General Secretary: Sesenieli Vualeba
16 Fiji Sugar Tradesmen's Union (FSTU) President: Josevata Tuiloma
General Secretary: Kini Saukuru
17 Fiji Teachers Union (FTU) President: Muniappa Gounder
General Secretary: Agni Deo Singh
18 Fijian Teachers Association (FTA) President: Netani Drauvesi
General Secretary: Paula Toga
19 Fijian Affairs Board & Provincial Council Employees Association (FAB & PCEA) President: Ravuama Nakaiwalu
General Secretary: Vika Lewaravu
20 Hot Bread Kitchen Employees Trade Union (HBKETU)
21 Itaukei Land Trust Board Employees Association (TLTBEA) President: Sireli Nuku
General Secretary: Finau Tabuakoro
22 Manufacturing, Commerce & Allied Employees Union (MCAEU) President: General Secretary: Deo Raj Singh
23 National Union of Factory and Commercial Workers (NUF & CW) President: Elisabeta Copeland
General Secretary: Latileta Gaga
24 National Union of Hospitally, Catering & Tourism Industries Employees (NUHCTIE) President: Mere Railala
General Secretary: Daniel Urai
25 National Union of Muncipal Workers (NUMW) President: Malakai Kotosaya
General Secretary: Raman Nair
26 National Union of Trade Union Workers (NUTUW) President: Elizabeth Das
General Secretary: Arun Prasad
27 National Union of Workers (NUW) President: Jolame Seduadua
General Secretary: Felix Anthony
28 PAFCO Staff Association President: Philip Murray
General Secretary: Akeneta Koroibola
29 Staff Association of the University of Fiji (SAUF) President: Emosi Fong
General Secretary: Samuela Yalayala
Assistant General Secretary: Miriama Biutabaki
30 Suva City Council Staff Association (SCCSA) President: Iva Bakalevu
General Secretary: Vilsoni Inia
31 Sugar Milling Staff Officers Association (SMSOA) President: Mohd Mohin Rafiq
General Secretary: Sandeep Sharma
32 Transport Workers Union (TWU) President: Atunaisa Vuakilau
General Secretary: Kamlesh Kumar
33 Viti National Union of Itaukei Workers (VNUTW) President: Teresa Ali
General Secretary: Noel Tofinga

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