We do give a damn- Anthony

  • June 4, 2021
FTUC National Secretary Mr. Felix Anthony


Published in the Fiji times 4th June 2021

The Prime Minister in his response to Hon. Lenora Qereqeretabua stated in Parliament that “nobody gives a damn” as to how the country was run by him and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

We tell the Prime Minister that we do give a damn:

 when hundreds of workers people lose their jobs in Fiji Airways and Air Terminal Services, hotel industry, and retail , and many other workplaces.
 when children go to bed without food or an empty stomach.
 when families cannot put basic food on the table.
 when families cannot make ends meet to pay bills including rent.
 when the Government fails miserably to ensure a decent standard of living and dignity for its people.
 when the Government that they trust to look after their interest fails to do so and condemns them to extreme poverty.
 when the Government becomes too insensitive to their needs and becomes arrogant as you have.
 when you have a Government that does not give a damn about the people’s plight.
 when the people have to rely on the goodwill of donors and civil society organisations for their livelihood.
 when there is no dignity afforded to the ordinary citizens in difficult times such as now.
 when some of your team do not know about the conditions faced by people in our country especially the state of roads or hospitals.
 when you show no leadership in times of crisis nor take ownership of the mess we find ourselves in today.
 when you have no clear set plan to lead the country out of this health crisis and economic doom.
 when you decide to resume certain businesses, risking further spread of the virus whilst keeping thousands of ordinary workers at home prolonging their suffering without food and income.
 when human and Trade Union rights are trampled upon.
 when you do not honour the agreements that your government has signed or ratified
 when you consult only the chosen few who do not represent workers or ordinary citizens of this country.
 when purchasing aeroplanes is more important than the livelihood of people.

Prime Minister, if you are not capable of giving a damn about all of the above and more, that people of Fiji face, you are in the wrong place and should STEP DOWN immediately. You have no right to put people’s life in continued misery, it is not the mandate people gave you.

Felix Anthony
National Secretary
Fiji Trades Union Congress


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