• January 6, 2023

Update As of  6th January, 2023.

🎈FASA and FFATU leaders meet with ministries regarding pending workers issues at the airports .

🎈Yes, after some intensive campaign regarding the violation of workers and trade union rights at the above workplaces, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

🎈The leaders of the two affiliates who represent workers at the Nadi Airport, the Federated Airline Staff Association and the Fiji Flight Attendants Association of Fiji led by the National Secretary of FTUC, Mr Felix Anthony, met with the Minister for Tourism and Aviation, Honourable Mr Viliame Gavoka at 11am yesterday with several other meetings lined up throughout the day.

🎈The National Secretary outlined all the major issues that have been faced by our two affiliates at the airport.

🎈Detailed inputs were provided by the President of the Federated Airline Staff Association (FASA) , Mr Semisi Turagabaleti and President of the Fiji Flight Attendants Trade Union (FFATU), Mr Josaia McGowan to the ministers.

🎈The Minister assured the delegation that he would ensure that the issued outlined in their coalition manifesto would be adhered to.

🎈The delegation also met with the Attorney General, Honourable Mr Siromi Turaga and the Minister for Employment, Honourable Mr Agni Deo Singh, on a range of issues that FTUC had been campaigning for over the past ten plus years.

i) Labour law reforms to be completed before ILO Governing Body meeting on 13th to 23rd March
ii) Retirement age to be reverted to 60 years for civil service and statutory bodies – circular issued yesterday
iii) Retirement age for local government to be made 60
iv) All contracts must be converted to tenure
v) All collective agreements are to be revitalized and deemed continuous.
vi) Workers representatives on boards of FNPF, ATS, Fiji Airways,
vii) Explore how workers at our airports can be reinstated (no more scab labour or daily contracts)
viii) Any compensation to be discussed between unions and management
ix) ERAB/Wages Councils appointment and its reconvening
x)Labour Law review- completion and legal drafting with assistance from the ILO and SG’s office
xi)ENI-Repeal and revert to former list as per ILO guidance

The FTUC has been assured that issues vii) and viii) will be addressed as requested, as they were included in the coalition campaigns. The FASA and ATS issues have been part of the FTUC campaign for the past few years.

The FTUC was also able to pay a courtesy visit to the Minister for Women, Children & Poverty Alleviation, Honorable Ms Lynda Tabuya who received us despite her busy schedule.

🎈We seek patience from our membership and inform that the unions will be consulted regarding the changes expected.

🎈For further information, please kindly await further developments, allow the ministries to do the needful before any plans can be rolled out.


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