Update 1: Meetings with Ministries regarding workers issues in Party Manifestos

  • January 6, 2023


The National Secretary met with the Honorable Minister for Employment for a courtesy visit at the FTUC Board room on Thursday, 29th December, 2022 to discuss the way forward regarding pending  workers’’ issues.

The new Minister for Employment, Honorable Agni Deo Singh has confirmed that his ministry will resolve the numerous issues at hand that remained unaddressed for almost 10 years. This included the steps (previous) government was to have taken as part of the Joint Implementation Report signed in 2015 and the MOU signed in 2016.

The National Secretary Mr Felix Anthony raised the list of issues on behalf of the Executive Board and affiliates,  citing overdue actions from the various international reports on Fiji’s violation of human rights.

This included, amongst others,

  • Contracts to be reverted to tenure
  • Retirement age to be 60 for civil service and statutory bodies
  •  All pending labour law review for the past 12 years be completed
  •  ENI Decree to be repealed
  • Collective Agreements to be revitalized
  • Wages Councils be reconvened together with ERAB- the national tripartite dialogue structure
  • Other issues were also outlined and issues such as case delays, OSH issues and its compliance and enforcement will be addressed in the labor law review process.

All these issues are part of the manifesto of the governing parties.

The Honorable Minister confirmed he will reconvene the ERAB as soon as possible in consultation with the social partners. The Meeting was chaired by the Minister and attended by the PS Labour Mr Atish Kumar and other key ministry staff,  and the FTUC was represented by NS Felix Anthony, Assistant National Secretary, Attar Singh , the Executive Officer Ms Jotika Sharma and legal representative for NUW, Mr. Mark Anthony.

Meetings with other ministries are being organized with official letters delivered from the FTUC seeking appointments.

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