Poor Records of Spending: Fiji Times

  • October 22, 2014

By Shalveen Chand

THE Prime Minister’s Office in 2013 was found to have an unreconciled variance of $1.06million between the Financial Management and Information System general ledger Trust Cash at Bank account and their bank reconciliation balance.

This was stated in the Auditor-General’s report 2013 tabled in Parliament on Friday and released yesterday.

Auditor-General Tevita Bolanavanua noted that other anomalies in the books of the Prime Minister’s Office included the non-receipting of direct deposits and overstatement of interest earned.

He said the nature of payments in the 2013 trust fund statement of receipts and payment were also not disclosed appropriately to ensure the disclosure consistency and comparability with the 2012 figures.

Poor reconciliation, non-recording of bank charges, interest and non submission of annual acquittal reports to the donor were some of the administrative and accounting anomalies in the Prime Minister’s Office.

For the Public Service Commission for a particular account, accounts receivables had a debit balance of $10.7million.

It was noted that no reconciliation was provided so the audit could not substantiate the correctness of the balance.

There were recommendations made by Mr Bolanavanua to the Office of the Prime Minister and the Public Service Commission.


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