Outrageous Salaries While Poor Suffer

  • 10/9/14

(People living under the poverty line in squatter settlements. Picture: spayfiji)

While 30 % of Fiji’s population suffer in poverty, the government sees it fit to reward itself with ridiculously extravagant pay packages.

The extravagant packages for the PM and his Ministers were gazetted in the Parliamentary Renumerations Decree on Friday 3rd October.

The FTUC seeks to remind government of the many poor people in the country, the exploitation of labour for a small price, the lowest National Minimum Wage ever to be established.

It is a disappointment that the Bainimarama-led government sees it fit to reward its ministers with these salaries that begin from  a staggering $328, 750 for the man himself. All this at a time when Fijians struggle to afford the basic necessities.

We implore the Government to put the needs of the people first. This self-serving action is disgusting and the people of Fiji has now seen for themselves what the government is really all about.

President: non-taxable salary of $130,000.
Prime Minister: total package of $328,750
Finance Minister: $235,000
Health, Education, Infrastructure and Transport Ministers: $200,000
Other ministers: $185,000
Assistant ministers: $90,000
Speaker: $150,000.
Leader of the Opposition: $120,000.
All other MPs: $50,000.

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