No Quotations on $72,000 Used: FBC

  • 10/30/14

By Edwin Nand

The 2013 Auditor General’s report states there are numerous breaches of procurement and payments procedures in the Agriculture Ministry in 2013.

From a sample selected for audit, it was found that payment vouchers worth more than $264,000 have been misplaced.

These include a total of $46,000 paid to Tanoa Hotel, $28,000 for Penaia Contractors, Viti Vanua Holdings $37,500 and $27,000 to Bulileka Hire Services.
Four payment I.D’s for the Permanent Secretary Agriculture worth $23,346 – were recorded however there are no payment vouchers.

The Ministry of Agriculture spent $72,794 without any competitive quotations being obtained, buying 3 chainsaws, 4,200kgs of ginger seeds and other expenses.

$11,483 was spent on a cattle trough and $12,000 for stainless steel coconut scrapper.

The Audit report says there was a considerable level of non-compliance with finance instructions in 2013.

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