ILO Waits on Fiji: Fiji Times

  • November 14, 2014

By Shalveen Chand

THE International Labour Organization’s Direct Contact Mission has expressed strong hope the Government will soon sign the Tripartite MOU on the future of labour relations in Fiji.

This was the comment of the mission in its report to the ILO.

The mission visited Fiji in October to investigate complaints by trade unions that certain decrees had violated their freedom of association.

After holding discussions with the Government, employers and workers representatives, the International Labour Organizations Direct Contact Mission had drafted the MOU so there was a consensual approach towards maintaining labour rights.

Employers and workers representatives subsequently signed the MoU however, Government is yet to.

In its report, the mission said it remains convinced that the tripartite MOU was the consensual way forward and would serve all interests in the country to build constructive social dialogue based upon trust and respect.

According to the MOU, the election provided a fresh start for labour laws and dialogues. The MOU states that the parties pledge their efforts to reinvigorate labour relations through their pursuit of frank and sincere bipartite and tripartite dialogue in a spirit of genuine respect and good faith.

The MOU said the parties recognised the Relations Promulgation 2007 as a positive and constructive framework in which the labour management co-operation leading to enhanced productivity and collective bargaining for the improvement of workers terms and conditions of employments could be effectively exercised.

The MOU states the parties agree that it can set a level playing field for fair competition across industries and decent work for all workers and employees.

The question as to why Fiji did not sign the MOU has been emailed to Mr Konrote and it remains unanswered.

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