Government Overspending : Fiji Times

  • October 22, 2014

By Siteri Sauvakacolo

THREE government ministries and two government departments overspent their budgeted appropriation, according to the 2009 Auditor-General’s Report.

These were the Fiji Police Force, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women and Social Welfare, the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Department of Information.

Auditor-General Tevita Bolanavanua said the reason for the over-expenditures in 2009 were mainly because of the over-spending on salaries and allowances.

The report – that was released on Monday noted that public debt in 2009 totalled $3.1 billion and comprised domestic loans $2.5 billion or 80 per cent of the total debt while overseas loans accounted for $527.2 million or 17 per cent and treasury bills at $97.7 million or 3 per cent.

In the same year, Government borrowings totalled $503 million of which $404.2 million or 80 per cent was through domestic bonds, $97.7 million or 19 per cent treasury bills and $1.1 million or 0.2 per cent in overseas loans.

According to the report, the total expenditures for 2009 amounting to $1.9 billion had increased by $230.9m or 14 per cent from 2008 and recorded an overall savings of $133.5m compared with a savings of $100.2m in 2008.

The overall savings arose from savings in established staff by $2.8 million, wage-earners by $0.4m, travel and communications by $1.9m, maintenance and operations by $8.7m, purchase of goods and services by $0.4m, operating grants and transfers by $7.9m,

pensions and gratuities by $1.5m and charges on account on public debt by $59.9m and VAT by $10.1m.

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