• June 13, 2023

Fiji Tripartite Delegates with the ILO Director General
Fiji Tripartite Delegates with the ILO Director General

“We value our people. We value their rights as enshrined under the Constitution and also under the ILO Conventions ratified by Fiji.”
This was highlighted by the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Honourable Agni Deo Singh on the experience of labour mobility, while addressing the 111th plenary session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on 9 June 2023.
“A crucial issue that Fiji faces is the phenomenon of labour mobility, which entails both opportunities and risks. While it benefits workers, it also causes brain drain and loss of skilled labour.”
“We are concerned that these can hamper Fiji’s development, social cohesion, and national identity. The Fijian Government is committed to balancing labour mobility and its impacts.”
“We are implementing policies and programmes to retain and attract skilled workers, enhance their employability and productivity, and ensure their protection and welfare.
“We are working closely with our tripartite partners and stakeholders in those endeavours.”
Minister Singh added that the Fijian Government is working towards the re-establishment of tripartite wages councils to determine minimum wages for different sectors of the economy.
“We know this will be welcomed by our workers. The industry-based councils will work on a tripartite basis with representatives from Government, unions and employers. Their main goal would be to determine a decent minimum wage for the different sectors.”
The Employment Minister further stated that Fiji is resolved to working closely with the ILO and its tripartite constituents to achieve decent work for all.


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