Court Trial Commencement of FTUC National Secretary, Mr. Felix Anthony

  • October 20, 2022
Picture Source: Fiji Sun

Dear FTUC Affiliates and associates,

Please be informed that the FTUC National Secretary, Mr. Felix Anthony will be attending his first trial hearing on Monday, 24th October,2022 for ‘causing public anxiety’ during the 2019 May 1st termination of contracts of NUW members employed by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF).

Also be advised that the court trial days are from Monday 24th to Friday 28th October,2022 and we welcome all FTUC affiliates, NGO’s and FTUC Associates for their solidarity support at the court on the days of FTUC National Secretary’s court hearings.

Please feel free to send your solidarity messages , pictures, videos , posters, and ply cards on our FTUC Facebook  page or on  expressing  your support towards the FTUC National Secretary and the terminated WAF Members.

We urge you to also share your solidarity messages, photos and videos within your associates in solidarity with the WAF workers struggle on the following Hashtag:

 # WorkersNeedJustice  #WeSupportFelix   #WeNeedUnions  #SayNoToHarassmentOfHumanRightsDefenders

That FTUC campaign will officially go online from tomorrow ,21st October.

You may contact the FTUC Secretariat on Ph: 3315377 or 7975377 should you wish to require further clarification.

We will keep you updated!


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