Civil Service Reforms Could Mean Job Losses: FBC

  • October 28, 2014

Public Service Minister – Aiyaz Sayed-Kahiyum says they need to fix the fundamental structure of the civil service – an important component of the economy that’s been lagging behind.

Speaking on FBC TV’s 4 the record program on Sunday Sayed-Khaiyum says an external party with similar expertise will be invited to carry out the comprehensive reform.

He says the outcome of the review will determine if there will be job losses – but one thing’s for certain, civil servants are in for a major overhaul

“We not here to slash and burn, we here to essentially get the fundamentals right and we will work through that process with all the civil servants.”

Sayed-Kahiyum is confident the study will be complete, and all its findings implemented, within one year.

The civil service will retain skilled staff and re-direct them, to front line services if need be.

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